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ZZ Topp - Eliminator

ZZ Topp - Eliminator

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Media and Jacket

Experience the raw and raucous energy of ZZ Top's "Eliminator" vinyl album. This iconic record catapulted the band into rock 'n' roll stardom with its signature blend of bluesy guitar riffs, gritty vocals, and infectious hooks.

"Eliminator" features unforgettable hits like "Gimme All Your Lovin'," "Sharp Dressed Man," and "Legs," showcasing ZZ Top's electrifying sound and larger-than-life presence. Each track exudes a rebellious spirit and irresistible groove that will have you rocking out from start to finish.

Immerse yourself in the distinctive sound of vinyl as it captures the band's raw power and delivers an authentic listening experience. With its bold album artwork and meticulously pressed vinyl, this edition is a must-have for any ZZ Top fan or vinyl enthusiast.

Step into the world of ZZ Top's "Eliminator" and let the infectious rhythms and electrifying guitar solos transport you to the heart of rock 'n' roll. It's a vinyl gem that embodies the spirit of pure, unadulterated rock music.


Jacket      VG+ 
Media       VG +

identifier   1-23774

Size           12”

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