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Band T-Shirt - Slayer

Band T-Shirt - Slayer

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Unleash your inner metalhead with our Slayer T-Shirt, a fierce tribute to one of the most iconic thrash metal bands in history. Featuring the band's signature logo in bold, blood-red lettering, this shirt exudes the raw energy and aggression that defines Slayer's music. Crafted from high-quality materials, it's built to withstand the mosh pits and headbanging of even the most intense concerts. 

Size:  XL
Condition:  Pre-owned, laundered and cleaned

All retro inspired, vintage and pre loved t-shirts are pre owned and may have stains, marks or other tears due to excessive partying or wear. You will receive the actual shirt in the picture, so please inspect carefully. We make every attempt to call out any stains, marks or tears whenever possible. 

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