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Swatch Watch - Purple Swatch Gent Amethysia (GV126)

Swatch Watch - Purple Swatch Gent Amethysia (GV126)

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Introducing the Purple Swatch Gent Amethysia (GV126) watch, a sleek fusion of style and sophistication. Its vibrant purple hue adds a bold touch to any ensemble, while the minimalist design exudes timeless elegance. Lightweight and durable, it features precise quartz movement for accurate timekeeping. With water resistance for everyday wear, this Swatch Gent timepiece is as practical as it is stylish. Elevate your wristwear collection with the Amethysia, a statement accessory for any occasion.

Battery:          new battery added on 4/1/2024
Condition:      pre-owned and working, no significant scratches or blemishes
Case:              original plastic case included on one of the two

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