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Michael Jackson - Thriller

Michael Jackson - Thriller

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Media and Jacket

Indulge in the timeless magic of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" vinyl album. This legendary record rewrote music history, captivating listeners with its groundbreaking blend of pop, R&B, and funk.

"Thriller" features unforgettable hits like the title track, "Beat It," and "Billie Jean," showcasing Jackson's unparalleled artistry and iconic dance moves. Each song is a testament to his mastery, drawing you into a world of infectious rhythms and undeniable charisma.

Experience the warmth and authenticity of vinyl as it brings the album to life, delivering the full sonic experience of Jackson's impeccable vocals and revolutionary production. With its iconic album cover and meticulously pressed vinyl, this edition is a must-have for music enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and relive the brilliance of the King of Pop. It's a vinyl gem that continues to captivate and inspire, reminding us of Jackson's unrivaled talent and the timeless impact of his music.


Jacket      VG+
Media       VG +

identifier   QE 38112

Size           12”

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