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ABBA - The Visitors

ABBA - The Visitors

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Media and Jacket

Indulge in the captivating world of ABBA's "The Visitors" vinyl album. This extraordinary record showcases the iconic Swedish pop group at the height of their creativity, blending catchy melodies with introspective lyrics.

"The Visitors" features unforgettable tracks like the title song and "One of Us," capturing ABBA's signature harmonies and emotional depth. Each song takes you on a journey through themes of love, loss, and self-reflection, accompanied by their infectious pop sound.

Experience the warm, authentic sound of vinyl as it brings this album to life, enhancing the richness and nuances of ABBA's music. With its striking album cover and meticulously pressed vinyl, this edition is a must-have for fans and vinyl collectors alike.

Step into the world of ABBA's "The Visitors" and let their timeless melodies and heartfelt lyrics transport you to a place of musical enchantment. It's a vinyl gem that perfectly encapsulates the artistry and lasting impact of one of the greatest pop groups in history.


Jacket      VG+
Media       VG+

identifier   2311 122

Size           12”  

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