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Swatch Watch - Scuba 200 from 1994

Swatch Watch - Scuba 200 from 1994

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Introducing the timeless Swatch Scuba 200 Watch from 1994, a vintage masterpiece designed for underwater exploration. Crafted with durable materials and boasting water resistance up to 200 meters, this iconic timepiece ensures reliability and style in any aquatic adventure. With its vibrant colors and robust construction, the Swatch Scuba 200 remains a cherished symbol of adventure and innovation, standing the test of time with its enduring charm.

Battery:          new battery added on 4/20/2024
Condition:      pre-owned and working, scratches or blemishes
Case:              aftermarket plastic case

Core Features of Swatch Watches:

  • Swatch is famous for its fun and colourful designs. The watches tend to be bold, statement pieces.
  • The brand creates high-quality, yet very affordable, timepieces.
  • Swatch watches are all powered by precise and reliable movements. The majority of the brand’s watches are powered by a quartz movement, but some are powered by automatic movements.
  • The watches all have a level of water resistance that makes them suitable and practical for everyday wear. 
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